Tori Belle Cosmetics Magnetic and Adhesive Lashes

Tori Belle Cosmetics is owned by Laura Hunter who is the inventor of Magnetic Mascara, Liner and Lashes. The company also has adhesive liner and lashes, innovative magnetic clutches to store all your eyeshadows, lashes, and liner so you can take your glam on the go!! We have eyelashes for all your lifestyle needs from office to a night out! With 30-40 wears per pair of lashes, it is a great alternative to lash extensions, and is safe for your natural lashes!
These are great for people with no lashes and the confidence boost is outstanding! Instant face lift!
As a Tori Belle Affiliate, you make the rules, the hours you work and you are in charge of your own business. There is a lot of education and support, and amazing connections with fabulous people. There are no quotas or inventory to hold. Just have fun, hang out with incredibly positive women, and create success!

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