Tori Belle Cosmetics specializes in MAGNETIC LINER and LASHES but also carries a comprehensive array of cosmetics and supplies.

Tori Belle Cosmetics, headed by Laura Hunter, was the creator of MAGNETIC LINER and LASHES. The company has expanded to include adhesive liners, magnetic and non-magnetic mascaras, deeply pigmented eye shadow pallets, lipsticks, wet/dry foundations, blush, glitters, and oil based makeup remover to name a few! We have eyelashes suitable for work, play, and glamour! With 30-40 wears per pair of lashes, it’s a very economical purchase! So for those who have no eyelashes or just want a boost of confidence, these are for you!
Being an affiliate of Tori Belle makes you the CEO of your own business with the advantage of online education and support. There are no quotas or inventory purchases-just the desire to succeed!

  • Company:Tori Belle Cosmetics
  • Info:I am a full time nurse and started this business because I love the lashes. I’ve stayed in this business because I want to help other women feel great about themselves and succeed in whatever they endeavor!
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