Trademarked Clean Crafted Wine

Hello, wine lovers! Let’s kick things off with some wine education. I market clean-crafted™ wine…. but what does that mean?
Did you know that in the US, up to 250 different chemicals and additives can be in your wine without being disclosed on the label? Pesticides, glyphosate (RoundUp), preservatives, sweeteners, sulfur, etc. There’s also Mega Purple, which is used to cover up taste and color imperfections and may be why your teeth and lips turn purple when you drink red wine. No wonder you might get a wine headache with all that junk!
And it doesn’t stop there. Wines are commonly filtered with fish bladders, casein and egg whites. (This is why not all wines are considered vegan.)
Scout & Cellar's clean-crafted™ difference is that our wines are literally just grapes and low levels of naturally occurring sulfites, and nearly all of our wines are vegan. The wines are curated or produced by our founder, who was trained as a Sommelier, so they actually taste good too!

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