Paparazzi, WV

Unique affordable lead & Nickel free accessories!

Live, smile, and sparkle! Mountaineer Charm Jewelry Boutique online shopping guarantees an extreme experience of trendy and beautiful lead and nickel free jewelry for the inexpensive price of $5. Satisfy that jewelry fix at Mountaineer Charm Jewelry Boutique online shop. Jewels for all, in a variety of collections, various styles, and necklaces containing a complimentary pair of matching earrings. Glitter and glam in a various styles of earrings, bracelets, and rings too. Dazzling tones of silver, gold, copper, and brass texturized with eye catching hammered divots and more. Represent that personality with stylish Jewelry whether it be Chunky, dainty, metallic, or glistening rhinestones with the help and specialist at Mountaineer Charm.

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