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Here are a few awesome facts about SeneGence skin care and make-up product line:
📍Highly-concentrated formulas with no fillers mean a little product goes a long way (like the 3-in-1 Cleanser – $35 and will last you at least 5-6 months).
📍Our proprietary formulas are backed by our 100% happiness guarantee and are scientifically proven to improve the function of your skin in eight weeks or less.
📍SeneGence all-day cosmetics and anti-aging skincare products are made from plant-based, natural ingredients and the best cosmetic technology on the market.
📍SeneGence puts their money into research, not marketing or celebrity endorsements. But there are PLENTY of celebrities who love our products – and say so – for free! Christina Aguilera’s trademark red lips? That’s Blu-Red LipSense – our premier long-lasting liquid lip colour.
📍All products are made in the USA in cGMP-compliant, bacteria-free manufacturing facilities with absolutely NO animal testing.
📍Our products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, great for sensitive skin and have no lead, wax, animal by-products or wasteful external packaging.
📍Unlike a lot of other cosmetic companies depleting rainforests to make their products, SeneGence only uses naturally-recurring ingredients (like the blue-green algae, orchid extract and volcanic ash found on Vanuatu – and we’re the ONLY company that has access to these amazing ingredients).
📍Our plant-based ingredients give you a natural sun-protection factor without the use of chemicals.

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