Velovita Ambassador Bran and Zlem sublingual SNAPS

What is Brān Reimagined you ask? Brān, pronounced [breyn], is a delicious serum that comes in a single serving package that's fun and convenient to use while giving you a natural energy boost, clearing brain fog, enhancing mood, and helping with cravings.
And it does NOT come with a 100.00 price tag😊

You Bend & Snap it 🙌 It's really that simple.( take is sublingual for 15 seconds under you tongue and swallow), can mix with 4 ounces of water or juice. That’s it! Done until the next morning! (If you want Info on the Zlem, the night time one, I can send that as works the same, but has a lot of different benefits)

The only decision you have to make is, which flavor snap are you going to order to calm your mind, boost your mood, get all the positive vibes flowing & multitask like a boss.

Chocolate sea salt 🍫
Lemon drop 🍋
Caramel macchiato ☕

The benefits of the Bran Snaps are:

• The mood boost
• The calming effect
• The simplicity
• The taste
• The energy
• The mental clarity & focus
• The positive thinking
• The motivation

Let’s get snappin!

  • Company:Velovita
  • Info:Velovita Gives you a natural energy boost, clearing your brain fog and enhancing your mood. A premium stacked nootropic w/ 16 nutrients to fuel the most important organ of your body. Boosts Mental Energy. Improves Focus/Alertness. Support Positive Thinking. Feelings of Calmness.
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