Weight loss made easy with a spoon of chocolate.

From personal care, to health and wellness, to household essentials, Modere has it all! Our liquid collagen leads the pack with 7 international patents and weight loss product of the year award. Our unique CLA/HA formula is found in Trim, our market changing weight loss product, blocking fat absorption and shrinking fat cells leading to lost inches and pounds. Our proprietary CLA/HA matrix is also found in our 4 different Liquid Biocell formulas for all around wellness. Collagen supports us from the inside out for healthier skin, joints, muscles and bones.
Modere is a clean label brand that takes pride in non toxic, natural formulas. Modere also believes that rewarding our customers for sharing our products is the right thing to do, so we developed Share the Love. Give a $10 discount and get $10 in product credit!

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