Welcome to the future of supplementation that bypasses your gut with Innov8tive nutrition for the whole family!

Innov8tive Nutrition is here to provide superior nutritional supplements for families along with a business plan that can lead to a home based income opportunity that pays on the real dollar! We at Innov8tive Nutrition redefine the way you take supplements. This is a revolutionary delivery system that offers optimal absorption that bypasses the gut and digestive tract, simply by placing a patch onto your skin and absorbs straight into the blood stream for life changing results. We currently have 8 patches, CBD (THC FREE), Sleep, Complete Vitamins with omega 3, Kids Complete Vitamins, Immune, Energy, Ignite Weight Management and Infin8 Collagen for hair skin and nails! We ARE the Uber of Nutrition!

  • Company:Innov8tive Nutrition
  • Info:My name is Donna Sambula and I am a stay at home wife, mom and grandma that has big dreams and goals to leave a legacy for my family. I found health and nutrition in 2016 where I improved my health through supplementation, lost 154 pounds and Living my Best Life!
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