With their anti-aging, naturally based skincare, haircare and wellness, highly effective and clinically tested, Monat can help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, confident fulfilling lives.

Why switch to Monat products?
The truth is, the wrong haircare products can strip your strands of their natural, protective oils and cover it in build-up, leading to lifeless, limp and damaged hair.
MONAT field researchers scoured the world seeking the healthiest ingredients to balance and rejuvenate hair and skin. By mimicking the body’s own chemistry, our revolutionary replenishing treatment can address oxidative stress and adds volume and shine, and get your hair back to its natural healthy state.

Monat is the very first anti-aging hair care system, reversing signs of aging, detoxing mineral buildup and environmental damage, increasing hair brilliance, strength and vitality.
All while being non-toxic, paraben-, sulfate-, PEG-, and Gluten free, yet effectively (clinically proven) growing hair and reducing thinning, strengthening and thickening hair, hydrating the scalp, and fighting oily hair. Monat has products for every hair concern and hair-type. There is a reason it’s the #1 premium hair care company in the US.
And it also has a beautiful and effective Skincare and Wellness line to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through exceptional, naturally based products, addressing beauty and confidence from the inside out. Becoming a mom has made me look at ingredients of personal care products in a whole different way, realizing that we have to be our own advocates when it comes to wanting to live a life with less harmful chemicals and toxins. It is overwhelming to navigate. And I love helping with that.

Why monat as a business?
Everyone washes their hair. Monat has one of the best compensation plans in the industry. The products are Clinically proven to work and are for everyone. It’s the only DS company focusing on hair and many stylists are realizing the effectiveness of the products and its business model. No other company is focused on bringing naturally-based, age prevention hair care to customers through social marketing. When you join my team, you could be part of this revolutionary company in an industry that is currently valued at almost 90 billion dollars and forecasted to reach USD 116.33 billion by 2024 (yep! Billion)!
It may or may not be for you. But what we do is we save people money on their every day bills and in return we receive bonuses as well as residual income. We are a highly accredited company. And one of the fastest growing and one of the LARGEST growing platforms in the country. If you like saving money, helping people save money, being your own boss, earning endless residual income, all while giving back to incredible causes…You want in on that?! Message me.

  • Company:Monat Global
  • Info:We have an OPPORTUNITY not a PROBLEM. And I feel beyond lucky to be able to help people create a healthy, simple and fulfilling lifestyle helping them feeling good about themselves, confident and challenging them to be more.
  • Website: https://mayamiloski.mymonat.com/
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