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Chalk Couture is a craft line full of reusable transfers that enable you to create home decor, gifts, pillows and so much more. The transfers come in all shapes and sizes so there are endless possibilities of what you can create. My favorite thing about the transfers is that you can use them over and over again, so they aren’t just a one-and-done craft. The transfers are the designs that you can print onto anything you want like chalkboards, fabric, wood, mugs, metal, glass, etc. With the transfers, you can either use the Chalkology Paste or Ink depending on the project you are doing. The Chalkology Paste is a paste version of traditional chalk that can be used on many surfaces. When you use it on a chalkboard, it can be wiped away clean when you are ready to change the artwork. The Ink can be used on fabric, glass and ceramic mugs which is permanent after it has been heat set!

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