Zyia Active is an active wear clothing line that offers superior quality products to women, men and children!

ZYIA Active's mission is to uplift and inspire by making activity a fun and essential part of life. Looking for the perfect leggings for the gym, sports bra for yoga or the perfect joggers to just lounge in while running errands then we’ve got you covered. New items are launched weekly. ZYIA Active reps are not required to stock any inventory, so customers have their choice of Zyia’s entire inventory when purchasing! All sales are shipped directly from our corporate warehouse, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. You’ll enjoy superior quality products for less: The average legging from lululemon costs $101.80 with the highest being $148 and the lowest $88. … Zyia offers a legging as low as $55 and even our most expensive legging runs only $75. All things being equal quality wise, Zyia wins for the best product for your money.

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